Brand Philosophy

Since the launch of its first SUV in China in 2002, HAVAL has established itself as the premier SUV manufacturer in the world’s biggest automobile market. It has been the top-selling SUV brand in China for 13 consecutive years, the company is committed to becoming the world’s leading specialist SUV brand, when other manufacturers are spreading their talents across a wide range of vehicles and platforms, HAVAL is specializing.

Specializing in the fastest growing automotive sector in the world, In 2014 HAVAL recorded sales of 519,000 units, representing a 23 per cent increase over 2013, that figure saw it make the top 10 of global SUV sales for the first time.

HAVAL has invested heavily in a brand new, state-of-the-art technical center in Baoding and new manufacturing plants at Tianjin and Xushui, the new plants are capable of producing 1.8 million SUVs each year.