Gallop With Stronger Power : Double-channel Turbo Charging : The exhaust gas is transmitted to the turbine via two pipelines, which reduces the exhaust disturbance between the adjacent two cylinders and improves the efficiency in the turbine end. And the boost of double-channel engine power and torque improves the fuel economy and makes the low torque more excellent. Cylinder Direct Injection : Fuel injection is accurately controlled by the electronic control unit of engine, which increases the mixing efficiency and fogging degree of fuel and air, improves the engine combustion and dynamic performance, and reduces the engine fuel consumption.

BorgWarner Double-speed TOD : The transfer case assembly, with low gear speed ratio (2.48:1), offers the vehicle stronger over-obstacle capacity, gradeability and off-road difficulty overcoming capacity; Distribution strategies of different torques can be realized under different terrain modes, ensuring better controllability and stability of the vehicle

ZF 8-speed Integrated Automatic Transmission : 8HP series gearbox imported from ZF is adopted; Relying on denser gear ratio, more efficient shift actuator, and the dimension control of torque converter, the oil consumption can be reduced by 5%; Through design and development of high-precision magnetic valve and control system, shift requires less time with better smoothness while consideration is given to both dynamic property and economic efficiency of vehicle.

Eton Rear Axle Electronic Limited Slip Differential Lock : The driving force of the wheel at the sliding side is distributed to the wheel at the other side via the electro hydraulic control unit, which maximizes the vehicle's ability to utilize the road adhesion coefficient, greatly improves the vehicle's running stability and ability to get out of difficulties occurred in complex road conditions

Crossing The Dangerous Road Leisurely And Elegantly : With the all-terrain system recalibration and new control switch and control strategy, the system becomes more stable and user-friendly, realizing better drivability of the vehicle and these modes are (4L Mode, Muddy Road Mode, Sand Mode, Snow Mode, Sport Mode & AUTO Mode).

Annular Enclosed Frame : The body is of high efficiency impact energy a bsorption structure des ign, providing safe driving experience.

All-directional Airbags : The vehicle is equipped with front row seat dual airbags, front row seat side airbags, and longitudinal throughout curtain airbags to achieve a more extensive protection area and effective protection of the safety of interior passengers in event of collision.

Double-wishbone independent front suspension Double-wishbone independent front suspension, with a classic structure of strong off-road SUV, has two wishbones that could absorb motion transverse forces at the same time, so that the support only bears body weight. Therefore, transverse rigidity is high, enough to ensure that the tires contact ground closely and the body is stable under various road conditions. The upper and lower wishbones with unequal lengths can change camber angle when wheels are moving up and down to reduce tread variation and tire wear, and also guarantee comfortable driving and seating.

Multi-link non-independent rear suspension : The multi-link non-independent rear suspension, through multi-link design, provides the controls in multiple directions, greatly reducing the forward and backward forces from the road, so as to ensure a more reliable traveling path of wheels and effectively improve the smoothness and comfort during acceleration and braking.

ESP Bosch 9th Generation Electronic Assist System : Vehicle status is monitored by several sensors and adjusted by braking of body so that the vehicle runs by the driver’s intention, thus to make sure the vehicle is safely running on the correct track, prevent vehicle skid and improve the running stability and safety.

AFS intelligent lighting system : The adaptive lighting assist, body inclination adjustment assist, bend lighting assist, light sensation ON/OFF functions and multiple lighting assist functions can meet the demand of lighting under different road conditions to highlight, the technology and improve the driving safety.

Reverse side warning (CTA) : Relying on the radar sensor, this system detects the moving vehicles in the rear of the vehicle when reversing. In case that a dangerous vehicle approaches, the alarm light inside the door will give a warning accompanied by an audible alarm to remind the driver.

Blind spot detection and line combination assist (LCA) : Real-time detection is performed for the left and right blind spots of the vehicle via the radar detector. In the case of danger when changing the lane, the alarm light inside the door will give a warning and reminder. When the rear vehicle is rapidly approaching from the adjacent lane, the radar detector will monitor the adjacent lanes within 70m behind the vehicle in real time, and give an alarm when the vehicle is rapidly approaching and the warning condition is met, so as to remind the driver to avoid changing lanes and ensure the safety.

Lane departure warning (LDW) : LD W system will send alarm information after detecting unintentional lane departure, so as to trigger the vehicle alarm and remind the driver to return to the lane and improve the running safety of the vehicle.

Hawkeye3D headlamp combination

Forward curved dynamic high waist lines

High-gloss chrome plated front grille

Extended wheel arch design

Panoramic sunroof

Fixation Side Pedal

Vertical mighty LED rear lamps

Centralized Infotainment Screen: a fully integrated information and entertainment screen with extreme capabilities to display the vehicle information, radio, audio setting, Bluetooth connectivity, camera view and much more.

Colorful interior ambient light : Add three-color variable light source in the decoration bottom of instrument panel body and the door trim, thus creating a more comfortable, sweet and soft interior tone.

7 inch LCD touch screen : The 7 inch LCD integrates perfectly with the mechanical dial plate.Background color switching of instrument and CD is bound with that of all-terrain modes, realizing the switch of 3 colors and enhancing the sense of science and technology.

Large Space of 7-Seat SUV : The large and comfortable space builds a humanized and comfortable driving and riding experience. The considerate storage space design meets the daily storage demand of in-car items, making the in-car items in order; the flexible storage planning and design provide flexible storage space changes, meeting various space utilization demands of driver/passengers under different conditions.

Multi-functional luxury seat : Double-color seat is employed to create a high-end and luxurious feeling sense. The protective covering material is upgraded with refined grain, the foaming molded surface is adjusted, and the front row side line direction is adjusted based on the body pressure distribution curve, making the design better match the ergonomic principles and creating more comfortable seating experience.

Three-temperature-zone automatic air-conditioning : The automatic air condition system is independently controlled. With accurate data collection via various sensors, timely automatic constant temperature control is performed, realizing the zone control and regulation of driver seat, front passenger seat and rear row.

Electrically adjusted driving seat : The 8-way adjustable driver seat is equipped, providing multiple sitting positions to furthest meet the driver's demand and improve the seating enjoyment.

NVH Ultra-Silent Cab : The noise control technology , trim sound insulation/absorbing layers, bypass cavity isolation, body rubber coating, transmission technology, high performance intake muffling system, and exhaust system effectively isolate the outside noise from the aspects of noise reduction, noise isolation, and noise absorption to guarantee the quietness and comfort of the cab.

Infinity All-Member Entertainment System : The world's leading car audio system, 8" TFT color LCD touch screen,diversified access equipments choices, and high fidelity surrounding sound system ,create shocking sound quality as excellent scenic feeling.

⁄  Specifications

Engine GW4C20
Front double-wishbone suspension
Rear multi-link suspension
Hydraulic Power Steering
Ventilated Disc Brakes
Aluminum Alloy Wheel Hubs
Side Pedal
Rear Bumper Stainless Steel Pedal
Electroplated outdoor handles with body-coloured strip (Chroom decoration)
Automatic Wiper
Front Boneless Wiper Blades
265/60 R18 Tyres
Sunvisor w/Vanity Mirror & Light
Driver’s seat retractable sunvisor set
Passenger seat retractable sunvisor set
Ceiling handle
Ceiling Glasses Case
Cup holder Sets(Front+Mid+Rear)
Glovebox with Lock
Leather Steering Wheel
4-Way Manually Adjustable Steering Wheel
Multi-function Steering Wheel + Bluetooth Hands Free Link
Pedals with Aluminium Decoration
Luggage Cover
Stainless Steel Threshold
Steering Wheel with Paddle Shifters
Colours Trip Computer
Integrated Monitor
Leather Seats
Memory Seats
Front Headrest
8-Way Electrically Adjustable Driver Seat
4-Way Electrically Adjustable Front Passenger Seat
Manually Adjustable 2nd Row Seats
6:4 Separated Foldable 2nd Row Seats
Child seat anchorage for 2nd row seats
ISOFIX Child Seat Fixing Device of 2nd Row Seats
5:5 Separated Foldable 3rd Row Seats
Dual Airbags
Front Side Airbags + Side Curtain Airbags(3 rows) + Integrated side air curtains(3 rows)
Adjustable Front Seatbelts With Pretensioner +Rear Seatbelts with Pretensioner
+ 3 Point Seatbelt Of 2nd Row Seats
Electrically Anti-Glare Internal Rear-View Mirror
Parking radars(4 front+4 rear)
Reverse Radars(4 front+4 rear)
 Reverse Camera With The Dynamic Reversing Auxiliary Line
Driver Condition Monitoring
Remote Control Window Closed
Speed-sensing Central Door Lock
Automatic Collision Unlocking Function
Button Start System
Keyless Entry System
Intelligent Key
Remote Control Central Door Lock
Automatic Locking Return Function
Open The Door Of The Fule Tank Inside The Car
Flame out Automatic Unlocking
Intelligent Door Locking Error-Proofing Function
Car Locating Function
Collapsible Energy-Absorbing Steering Column
TPMS(Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)
ABS(Anti-skid Brake System)+
EBD(Electronic Brake Force Distribution)+
TCS(Traction Control System)
BA(Brake Assist)
ESP(Electronic Stability Program)
Cruise Control System
Electronic Parking Brake(EPS)
All Terrain Response system(Auto, Sport, Sand, Snow, Mud,4L)
Intelligent Electric 4WD(AUTO\2H\4H\4L)
Engine Immobiliser
Burglarproof Alarm System
AUX IN /USB(Audio+Video)
 8″ LCD Touch Screen
4 High Tone Speakers + 4 Low Tone Speakers + 1 Center-Channel Speaker + 1 Subwoofer
Independent Amplifier
SD Card Slot
Green Glasses(Gray Glass Skylight)
Heated Wire Defrost
Full Power Windows (With One Click Lifting And Anti-Pinch Function)
Electric Rear View Mirror w/ Defroster
Rear View Mirror w/ LED Turn Signal Light
Blue Rear View Mirror
Door Mirror Position Memory Assist
Electrically Adjustable Door Mirror
Rear-View Mirror with Body-colouredStrip(Piano lacquer base)
Automatic Headlamps
35W Xenon Headlamps
Headlights Cleaning System
DRL(Daytime Running Lights)
AFS(Adaptive Front lighting System)
Front/Rear Foglights
Door Mirror Ground Lazer Lamp
Front Reading Light
Luggage Boot Light
Doorstep lighting
Side Pedal Lights
Three-Zone Automatic Air Conditioning(Driver+Passenger+Indepent Rear)